Increases in feed-in-tariffs for rooftop solar

Increases in feed-in-tariffs for rooftop solar

Article from AGL blog:

Today AGL announced major increases to our solar feed-in-tariffs that take effect on 1 July 2017. The changes will help to offset the impact of higher prices in some states and deliver savings to customers with solar panels.It’s estimated that the increases in feed-in tariffs could be worth up to $3321 per year in extra savings for some customers, depending on which state they live in and the amount of solar energy they generate and export to the grid.Solar feed-in tariffs are the rates paid for electricity that is fed back into the grid from a domestic renewable electricity generation source, such as a rooftop solar.Australia has the highest rate of household solar installation in the world, with over 15 percent of Australian homes hosting solar panels in 2017.

As the uptake of solar continues to increase, especially as costs associated with solar PV decrease, AGL is making changes that offer customers significant savings and better value for contributing clean energy to Australia’s electricity generation mix.

Feed-in-tariff increases

  State   Old rate (c/kWh)   New rate (c/kWh)   Increase
  NSW   6.1   11.1   82%
  Queensland   6.0   10.6   77%
  South Australia   6.8   16.3   140%
  Victoria   5.0   11.3   126%

More information on AGL’s solar plans can be found here.

[1]  This figure is based on a solar customer with net generation (energy exported back into the grid) of 3.5 MWh per year and an increase in solar feed-in-tariff from 6.8 cents per kWh to 16.3 cents per kWh.

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