Solar Power

Solar Energy

Kotz Electrical is accredited in the following types of installations:

  • Grid Connected solar Energy PV Systems Designed & Installed Domestic and Commercial
  • Grid Connect Battery Systems Designed & Installed Domestic and Commercial
  • Stand Alone Power Systems Designed & Installed

ALL our Installers are Licenced Electricians and CEC Accredited.

Beat Rising Energy Costs!

with Solar Energy

Beat Rising Business Energy Costs with Solar Energy on the Eyre Peninsula. It’s easier than you think…. and cost nothing to find out how.

The uptake of SOLAR ENERGY for homes on the Eyre Peninsula has been nothing short of amazing in recent years.

In fact, because of our horrendous Electricity Supply rates we have probably one of the highest numbers of Domestic Solar installations per capita anywhere in the country!

It is hard to imagine any new homes being built these days that won’t have SOLAR panels on them when built (or at least very soon after) as Electricity costs rise, installed costs  become progressively cheaper, and “pay-back” periods for the investment become dramatically shorter.

BUT – There is still a “perception” in areas like the Eyre Peninsula that Domestic and Commercial installations will require expertise and installers from Adelaide or the metropolitan area(?) with all the associated additional costs and worries of back-up service. Indeed there have already been some disastrous cases of “fly-by-nighters” coming here, blitzing dubious installations out, and disappearing later without trace, even during the warranty period. This is no longer the case Our local Company – Kotz Electrical – has been operating continuously on the Eyre Peninsula for Forty years and we’re not going anywhere- this is our home! Our current staff have a wide experience base, we have the right ACCREDITATION and are available for the smallest to the largest installations – and we’re all LOCAL.

ALL our Installers are Licenced Electricians and CEC Accredited.

Domestic Installations

Commercial Installations

Examples of some of our  COMMERCIAL INSTALLATIONS

  • H.V. MOTORS – Pt. Lincoln- 30KW -120 Panels on roof-top tilt frames
  • BUBBLE WASH – Berri – 30KW – 120 Panels on roof-top tilt frames.
  • BLASLOV FISHING – Pt. Lincoln- 90KW- 360 Panels on tilt frames.
  • MORTLOCK CLINIC –Pt.Lincoln- 30KW – 120Panels on roof pitch.
  • HOME HARDWARE – Pt. Lincoln – 30KW -120 Panels on roof pitch.
  • BEAUMONT TILES – Pt. Lincoln – 10KW- 40 Panels on roof pitch.
  • KOTZ ELECTRICAL – Pt. Lincoln- 15KW – 60 Panels on roof pitch.
  • COMMUNITY HOUSE – Pt.Lincoln – 8KW – 32 Panels on roof pitch.

We have also installed many domestic and commercial Solar Systems right across the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. From Tumby, Cummins, Coffin Bay, Cleve, Cowell, Kimba and nearly every other area of the west coast to Whyalla.

Where to start..

Follow these steps

Do the sums for your home or business...

Step 1

Grab your current Electricity Bill and call  Carl on (08)86823700 or Email  OR  better still call in at our Display centre at,  84 Mortlock Terrace Port Lincoln for a run through on our Commercial operating system.

Step 2

Arrange a site inspection of your premises for a cost evaluation. Carl is fully accredited to do the very important design assessment and can advise the best and most cost efficient system for your requirements and location.

Step 3

A fixed price quote for thirty days can be provided and a rough estimate of the time to recoup the investment can also usually be arrived at. Finance can be provided to approved Business clients if necessary.

Step 4

Under normal circumstances and availability, work can usually commence within fourteen days or sooner. All paperwork, applications, SAPN connections and approvals are handled by KOTZ ELECTRICAL.


Our Solar Crew

Carl Kotz – Clean Energy Council Design & Install accredited Manager and Estimator
Thomas Neindorf —  C.E.C accredited installer Site Forman
Lance Kotz  –  Installer/sales
Eric Kotz – Assistant manager/sales
Kylie Kotz – Adminstation/Accounts
Deb Wilson – Adminstration/SAPN Liaison

ALL our installers are Licenced Electricians.