Underfloor Heating

Heating your home...

Underfloor Heating

for total house warmth...

There is no better feeling on cold winter days than the total comfort provided by floor heating. Suitable under most floor coverings. Suitable for new buildings and extensions where a new slab is to be poured.

You need no longer hesitate about using durable easy to clean, but cold, surfaces like polished concrete and tiles as they will now be your source of warmth.

Forget noisy, draughty and stuffy hot air systems forever and be gently and luxuriously warmed from toe to head instead.

All your floor and wall space remains free from unsightly consoles, vents and grills. You may position furniture and fittings anywhere in the room at any time as warmth is uniform to all positions.

  1. Electrical Inslab heating
  2. Electrical inscreed Heating
  3. Electrical Undertile
  4. Ceiling Heating
  5. Outdoor Patio Heating